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A series of retail listings may have outed current-generation rereleases for some of Sega’s most well-loved franchises.

A bundle pack featuring Bayonetta and Vanquish was first uncovered on the website of Czech retailer Alza with a projected release window of November 2017. Given that both titles recently received updated releases on Steam, including 4K resolution and a host of new graphical options, the listing is likely to be accurate.

Bayonetta and Vanquish were highly acclaimed on their original releases, earning Metacritic averages of 90 and 84, respectively. Both titles were developed by Platinum Games as part of a five-game deal with Sega that also resulted in Mad World on the Wii, Infinite Space on the DS, and Anarchy Reigns.

Shenmue, meanwhile, is a well-respected franchise that had its first release in the year 2000. The game is widely revered as revolutionary as being among the first to utilise and popularise a range of ideas and mechanics including open-world environments and quick-time events. However, the exorbitant cost of making Shenmue (reportedly the most expensive game ever at the time) meant that it was considered a commercial failure. Nevertheless, a sequel was produced and released in 2001.

A retail listing for a double pack of the Shenmue games has appeared at Alza, as well as Heureka, GetGame, and MadGamer, with a vague 2017 placeholder date. With a much-anticipated third entry currently in development and slated for release in the second half of next year, Sega may be looking to capitalise on the renewed interest in the franchise.

The Shenmue remasters have been rumoured on several occasions, but these listings are the most concrete evidence of their existence to date. Sega has not yet made an official statement on the matter, so these titles, for now, remain unconfirmed.

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