Shelter 2, the sequel to the meditative badger adventure game Shelter, has the player going through the life cycle of a mother lynx.

Starting out as a pregnant animal preparing her den for her litter to come, giving birth, as well as protecting and nurturing your cubs, all the while trying to survive and thrive in the vast wilderness of the game. Players will set out to explore the open territories from the save haven of your den. The den is the central location in which the player can always return to, whether to rest and gather strength or to drop off trophies or pick-ups you may have collected on your travels. The environments in Shelter 2 compared to the first game are far more vast and allow for a lot more freedom than before, allowing the player to find favorite spots or other points of interest to return to.

The sound and visuals of the game ring familiar with the first title, creating a sort of abstract feel to the gameplay. “Gameplay features have become more elaborate, adding things such as stamina, different types of movement, jumps and a variety of prey to kill”. Aside from hunting, you have certain maternal abilities, such as calling your cubs closer to you, making sure they drink from rivers, as well as lifting or carrying them from harms way.

Shelter 2 will be available for digital download on Steam, GOG, and other digital platforms August 2014. We’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date on developments as they become available.

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