Shakedown: Hawaii

With Shakedown: Hawaii now out on every scheduled platform other than the 3DS, Vblank Entertainment has announced that it is submitting the game to Nintendo for approval this week.

Last month, the 16-bit, open-world adventure of Shakedown: Hawaii launched on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. A Nintendo 3DS release was left up in the air, which developer Vblank Entertainment could only estimate would come “at a later date.”

In OnlySP’s interview with Brian Provinciano of Vblank, he touched on the decision to release Shakedown: Hawaii on an aging handheld like the PlayStation Vita:

“As a player, I love the Vita. The Vita Slim refined it, and it’s the perfect form-factor to me. I hope to continue supporting it as long as there’s still an audience. The advantage of being a multi-platform developer is that my games can cover their development costs on more viable ones, then just need to cover porting costs when it comes to the other passion ports.”

The limited physical edition of Shakedown: Hawaii for the PlayStation Vita went on to sell out before its release date.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Vblank Entertainment announced that Shakedown: Hawaii would soon be submitted for approval to release on Nintendo’s beloved handheld:

When Shakedown: Hawaii‘s Nintendo 3DS release date is unveiled, OnlySP will be sure to cover it.

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Craig Snyder
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