When one thinks of great JRPGs, such titles as Chrono Trigger, Golden Sun or classic Final Fantasy games are likely to come to mind. OnlySP was able to reach out to an independent studio who have used such classics as inspiration for a new JRPG-influenced indie title called Shadows of Adam.

The studio, Something Classic Games, is a small development team made up of 5 individuals who have been working on the project for almost 4 years now. OnlySP caught up with the game’s writer, Luke Wacholtz, who was kind enough to answer a few questions about Shadows of Adam.

The team has expressed a particular passion for creating a certain authenticity to the classics of the genre with Shadows of Adam. In the same voice, the team has committed to catering to the contemporary and ensuring that the title represents a step forward from its forebears. The game promises to feature a fast-paced battle system along with challenging combat and puzzles for the player to test their mettle, as well as the charming 8-bit music to bring back that authentic retro atmosphere we all remember.

OnlySP: What was the inspiration behind the game’s story and setting?

Luke Wacholtz: Do you remember your first 16-bit RPG? The one you played all night until you had to go to school exhausted the next day? That game was the inspiration. That exact one. No kidding. We are psychic. It was Final Fantasy 3, 4, 5, and 6 with a side of Mystic Quest.

OnlySP: What exactly is Shadows of Adam?

Wacholtz: I’ll headline it for you: Gorgeous pixel art. Intense, blazing fast battles. An epic adventure. The must-play retro indie JRPG built for the modern era.

OnlySP: How long has your team been working on the game?

Wacholtz: Let me put it this way: We were all twelve when we started and now we’re in our late 20’s. We’ve aged horribly over the last 3.5 years working on this.

OnlySP: How big is the team working on Shadows of Adam?

Wacholtz: Well, since you asked, all five of us are HUGE. Working together, we bench well over 300 pounds! And we’ve got massive quads! Our bare thighs look like cargo shorts full of change!  Thank you Serious Mass!


OnlySP: In what ways does Shadows of Adam improve on the classic JRPG formula?

Wacholtz: We cut out the fat and roid-raged all over the genre! No random battles. No grinding! Battle skills that are useful all game long! Our fresh-faced AP system and strategic battles will get you JACKED!

OnlySP: Besides the typical JRPG gameplay mechanics, are there any other gaming mechanics the game will feature?

Wacholtz: You’ll jump off cliffs, hop across rocks, soar on wind currents, ride mine carts, sneak past rum-obsessed guards! You won’t need to be in MENSA to solve our many clever puzzles, but you’ll certainly feel like you should be!

OnlySP: What JRPGs or other video game titles would you credit for the inspiration of Shadows of Adam?

Wacholtz: Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, Lufia, Earthbound and Pokemon.

OnlySP: What are some elements of Shadows of Adam that fans of classic JRPGs can look forward to in the game?

Wacholtz: A character driven story with snap-your-neck plot twists, a thematic score from the days of JRPG yore, and oodles of humor that stays within the fourth wall like a well-trained dachshund (AKA wiener dog).


OnlySP: How will enemy encounters work in the game?

Wacholtz: Read my lips: No random battles! Our enemies are visible and lay in wait at choke points. And there is no option to go Undertale on their ass and make nice-nice… Yeah, we didn’t reach that Kickstarter stretch goal, so tough kitty skittles.

OnlySP: In what way will Shadows of Adam challenge the player?

Wacholtz: Theoretically speaking, Shadows of Adam could challenge a player’s core assumptions about reality. Realistically speaking, we’ve got fast, fun battles geared for strategic thinking and clever puzzles to ignite that creative spark!

OnlySP: Does the game’s level of difficulty extend beyond its combat?

Wacholtz: It does. The puzzles get harder as you go, but they are never rage-quit hard. (Unless you are a particularly dull six year old, in which case, sorry.)

OnlySP: What will the game feature in the way of puzzles?

Wacholtz: The kind to write home about! We’ve put our own interesting spin on switch and block pushing puzzles, complete with teleporters. We’ve also got mine cart switching and death-defying drops and ascents in a multi-floor tower puzzle extravaganza!


OnlySP: Will the game feature side quests?

Wacholtz: If a hero’s main quest was important, do you think they’d dilly-dally around on side quests?

Heck yeah! You gotta live a little! So yes, we’ve got side quests to acquire each character’s legendary weapon and armor. The quests become available only after you acquire an airship and a new devil-may-care attitude about the fate of the world though.

OnlySP: Will the game feature a large expansive map size or will it feature a more compact and intimate area of exploration?

Wacholtz: This is not Skyrim. The maps are streamlined to make sure player’s never get lost or confused about where to go next. Still, there are plenty of well hidden secrets. So if you crave intimacy, we’re here for you. Just please stop touching my leg…

OnlySP: Without giving too much away what can we expect from the characters in the game?

Wacholtz: The main cast moves in the same direction but for different reasons. Even if you’ve watched every episode of Honey Boo Boo you will still be amazed at the level of dysfunction (with a redeeming touch of tenderness). Prepare for lots of oddball side characters. We got your weirdos right here!

OnlySP: Are there any future projects that Something Classic Games are planning on working on in the future?

Wacholtz: Look for a DLC pack this summer. It will feature a new area with a battle arena, artifact crafting, a new game+ feature with extra difficulty for all you masochists.


Shadows of Adam released on February 23, 2017 and is currently available on Steam. For those of us out there who simply can’t get enough of the JRPG genre, the studio has plans in motion for additional downloadable content which is targeted for Summer 2017. That content is slated to include a new area to explore along with a battle arena and a New Game+ mode.

If this interview has piqued your interest in Shadows of Adam, OnlySP will have a review of the game available in the coming weeks.


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