Shadow Warrior 2 will be released on the 13th of October for PC. A new gore-tastic trailer for the upcoming game was also released.

In addition, the pre-order bonus will contain the Razorback Chainsword Katana. While it doesn’t particularly look like a katana, it brings back enough fond memories of Warhammer 40k to be a Chainsword for me.

Shadow Warrior 2 continues the demon hunting adventures of Lo Wang. No longer a corporate shogun, he is a reclusive mercenary that must now strike down the overwhelming hordes of evil with gun, blade, and magic — all while having a wry grin and a large collection of scenery chewing one-liners.

The main draw of the game tends to be the many gory ways you can take apart your opposition. If the new trailer is anything to go by, Shadow Warrior 2 seems fit to deliver gore and blood by the truckload.

Shadow Warrior 2 will also be heading to consoles some point in 2017.

Shadow Warrior 2 Pic 1

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