Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor had a fantastic showing at E3 this year and we can’t wait to get our hands on it come October. For now though, we’ll continue to keep sharing all the latest details with you, starting with a brand new screenshot posted on the game’s official Twitter account which teases a new, darker location of Mordor. You can view the screenshot in the featured image spot of this article.

In addition, for those of you that like replayability in your games, Shadow of Mordor’s very unique AI system will offer plenty of reasons for you to come back and play the game once you’ve finished it the first time. According to the developer’s at Monolith, “every” playthrough will introduce new Uruk Captains for you to hunt down and either kill or bend to your will.

The Nemesis System is probably one of the most “next-gen” gaming features we’ve seen thus far. It brings a whole new level of dynamics to open world titles that make your enemy encounters much more personal. It’ll be exciting to see how it all works when the game releases on October 7th of this year. The Nemesis System is probably something that would work really well in the Assassin’s Creed games as well.

We’ll continue to bring you all the latest details on Shadow of Mordor so don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date.



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  1. I am very much looking forward to SoM

    1. Yea me too it’s one of my most anticipated, actually all of October is alien isolation, dragon age inquisition, middle earth shadow of Mordor, evolve, the evil within, assassins creed unity, and sunset overdrive, it’s gonna be a awesome month

      1. Don’t forget that NBA 2K15 / Live 15, Driveclub (free portion with PS+ and 10$ off to upgrade, so.. test it out, you also can keep the full game even if you just buy PS+ once), Tropico 5, Both Full Seasons (1 and 2) of the Walking Dead by Tell Tale on the PS4 are released on the 14th, Samurai Warriors 4 (Samurai Warriors 3 was a PS3 open world Samurai RPG Game. Choose Your own Destination, etc.. Never played it until PS Now.. is hard and fun, poor graphics though.. so I expect that to be ramped up a bit and built upon with the power of the PS4, I think this game might surprise some people, tbh!) Battlefield: Hardline, Skylanders Swap Team (if you got kids or are into this kind of thing) finally capping it all off with Just Dance 15 and the first wrestling game on next gen.. WWE 2K15.

        17 Games… All Releasing in the Month of October.. and the majority of them look fantastic. I think I have 12 fames in October that I wanted to get. Thank God for Gamestops pre-order system being a form of free lay-a-way.. just come in.. pay a bit per week on each title until they are paid off.. hopefully the slow months between with only TLoU:R coming at the end of July, with nothing until then, followed by Madden 15 in August, Destiny / FIFA / FORZA Horizon 2 in September.. I actually think about the possibility of waiting for Target’s Buy 2 get one free sale, but the only issue is you got to fork out all that money at once to get the deal.. whereas I just mentioned.. Gamestop’s pre-order pretty much mimics lay-a-way.

        Great Article. Out of All of Those Games.. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor looks to be the biggest game for me. I cannot wait to play an Assassin type game mixed with spells and stuff, because I feel like the gameplay of Assassin’s Creed can have so much more depth and gameplay added to it if it were to take place in a world where Magic has a very strong influence. With AC being slightly hampered by Real World, Historically Accurate Scenarios.. the difference of changing up the World and going for mythology / Tolkein Lore just seem to make it all work.

        This could be a sleeper for Game of the Year, most people don’t see the Nemesis System as being innovative.. but what else can someone do to innovate this late in the game? This is extremely innovative.. to tie deaths and AI that remembers everything and is basically a living world, on its own that you are immersed into.. is extremely innovative.. Could you imagine some of the things they could do with this in some other franchises?

        If done well.. this could be one of the biggest changes to gaming AI in the history of the Video Games.

        1. Yea I’m getting the last of us remastered also even know I have beat it on ps3 four times on hard lol that game is godly lol don’t forget we also get diablo 3 ultimate evil edition and metro redux in August, November will be a good month too….halo the master chief collection far cry 4 and call of duty advanced warfare which I might actually check out I’m just glad I got both systems again this gen so I don’t have to miss out on any exclusives the rest of the year should be dope

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