Drinkbox Studios, the developer behind Mutant Blobs Attack and the critically acclaimed Guacamelee, has revealed their next game, called Severed.

Severed is the story of a distraught warrior trying to piece together the mystery of why she woke up missing part of her arm. The game will take place in an open world, and combating enemies will work by using gesture-based controls in first-person. One of the most unique aspects of the game is that you can gain new powers by severing and attaching body parts of enemies to yourself.

The game is a non-linear dungeon-crawling adventure which will give the player control over the upgrade paths, which allows them to take on a variety of enemies with different strengths and weaknesses. The gameplay is all gesture-based, so players will be swiping to perform attacks during combat. All the different enemies require different strategies and said enemies will have different signs to warn you of their incoming attacks or their weaknesses. Magic will also play a role in combat, for example to blind enemies, as well as an exploration tool for tasks such as unlocking locked doors.

Mobile platforms are the only confirmed platforms for Severed‘s release due to it being a touch-screen, gesture-controlled game, but DrinkBox is open to bringing severed to other platforms that fit the game, such as the PlayStation Vita, 3DS and the Wii U, as well as being open to playing with PlayStation Move, Xbox Kinect and Sony’s Project Morpheus.

DrinkBox is aiming to make the game an approximately eight-hour experience, and are targeting a 2015 release. They are still very early in development, and need time to find out if bringing the game to non-touch platforms would be a good fit for the game.

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Source: Destructoid

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