During the past couple of years, observing various gaming conventions and the steady flow of video-game titles onto the market has lead me to question the current direction in which my favourite passion and hobby is being taken.

Any form of media entertainment must thrive on the principle of constantly revolutionizing it’s craft in order to keep its content fresh and exciting. While this may have been in practice five or more years ago, today’s modern catalogue of titles reads more like a mathematics lesson than a list of creative works inspired by people passionate about what they do.

Sequels, in theory, are an excellent way of pleasing long time fans of a certain story or style of genre, but I do feel that game developers have somehow missed the point. Instead of releasing a second or third game that is based on the first, perhaps taken in a different direction or from some new line of  thinking, they simply take the exact same game play and put it in a different environment or add additional minor elements like new weapons or vehicles. This creates the impression that developers are more intent on spawning cash cows to earn more money than providing a solid product to their sometimes fanatical fan base, which seems to me to be the complete opposite form of reasoning behind sequels in the first place.

Popular video game series like Halo, Gears of War, and Call of duty are direct culprits of mass sequels, and the truly sad point is that they began with a truly amazing work of art. If developers could just channel their time and creativity into creating something contemporary and unique rather than ‘Rehash 4: Return of the generic”, there could be some truly exciting times ahead for gaming.

Not all sequels are bad but for the majority I find myself incredibly disappointed. So for now I put my faith in small indie developers to provide me with my fix, which seems a bizarre turn around to the origins of where video games began, small and enthusiastic teams of people who genuinely love what they do, creating games that we love to play.

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