Lead Game Designer Gary Napper at Creative Assembly recently revealed that talks about a sequel to Alien: Isolation have been happening on a daily basis. He mentions how he would want it to be “the same terrifying single Alien approach”, but create an environment that places more emphasis on the player’s interaction.

“People have their own ideas for where it should go, our writers have some solid concepts and yes, we do have a great opportunity to continue her story”, explains Napper.

So, the question remains whether or not people really want a sequel and I’m sure that’s one of the many things being discussed by Creative Assembly. If you read multiple reviews about the game, good chance you noticed the reactions to it are pretty mixed.

OnlySp’s Tripp Papinneau said in his review that it’s “a title that stays true to the series’ horror and suspense, while complimenting it with a modern survival-horror style. While the game may have its faults, it’s an experience that true horror and Alien fans should not miss.”

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James LaFemina
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