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Sega’s official blog has been updated with a post of recommended movies to watch in order to get “hyped” for Yakuza 5.

Before they run-down their short list of films, which has some excellent reference aside from the missing Yakuza Papers series of films, they mention some issues they were having with localization of the game. The Yakuza series is heavily reliant on text and dialogue to tell their story. Any issues with the localization of in-game text would have a huge impact on the completion of the project, so the delay, which we referenced back in June, makes a little more sense now.

One very important thing to note is that most outlets are reporting a mid-November release based on this Sega blog post. However, the line in question, which used to be end the first paragraph was this: beyond just ‘mid-November,’ we’ll make sure to share them! and has since been changed to Once we have details, we’ll make sure to share them! This is probably a simple PR correction in case any more issues arise as they work towards the game’s release. In the mean-time, Japanese fans can continue playing Yakuza 0, Kenzan! and Ishin! as they await Kiwami (The Yakuza 1 Remake for PS4) in January and Yakuza 6 in the later months of 2016.

Here’s a reminder of what to expect from Yakuza 5 with the English sub-titled announce trailer.

The game will be a PSN-only digital release. Pre-orders will get you a discount at $33.99 and Yakuza 5 theme fro your PS3.

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