In the wake of Sonic Forces’s disappointing release back in November, SEGA has swiftly moved on to other projects, such as a new House of the Dead arcade game and a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital titled Two Point Hospital.

Among these announcements comes a mysterious countdown for an unnamed project. The countdown’s website is named simply as “Senki” (戦記), which translates roughly to “military history” or “war history”. The website depicts a large clock face with multiple floating islands in the distance.

As time progresses, more details have started emerging such as the regal figure sat on what could be a throne surrounded by six armed and unique individuals.

Each of the plush characters express some form of zoomorphic traits such as a rhinoceros’s horn or mousey ears. Many of the various figures express a form of magic as well, suggesting a wide variety of combat mechanics will be featured.

At its current rate, the countdown is set to be completed on Friday, January 19 at 3:00 p.m. GMT.

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Richard Flint
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