Scorn, the H. R. Giger-inspired horror title from Ebb Software, has been delayed until next year following an injection of third-party funds.

In a statement on the game’s website, the developer said that as a result of this new funding, it was able to make a “much better quality, fully realised game.” However, for this project to see completion,  Ebb would have to spend more time than anticipated in development, pushing it beyond the original October 2018 release window.

The developer writes that the earlier “compromise” of splitting the game into two parts has been rolled back by the new funding, meaning it will have a single launch. Previously, the first part, entitled Dasein, was scheduled for this year, but has now been delayed until 2019.

Following the Agony debacle from this year, Ebb has been steadfast in calming reactions to third-party indie funding as part of its statement:

“The fund in question is very hands-off regarding creative elements of the game, and that was the primary reason why we decided to go through with the deal. Creative freedom is the most important aspect for us as a studio. From the very beginning of the project we wanted to create a game without too many compromises, and that indeed isn’t an easy task.”

Originally announced in 2014, Scorn has now been in development for five years. The title has had a relatively protracted release schedule, but these new funds will likely result in a polished product.

The full statement is available on Scorn‘s website. The game will be released solely on PC, with no console port currently in the works. OnlySP spoke to the game’s lead developer Ljubomir Peklar as part of an Indie Highlight Reel last year, examining the inspirations and philosophy behind the project.

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