Immortal: Unchained

Following Immortal: Unchained‘s relatively quiet release on September 8, the developer, Toadman Interactive, has teased a New Game Plus mode on Twitter.

In a tweet, embedded below, the developer released no other details other than the mode will be releasing “later this year” for free:

Immortal‘s promised Souls-like experience has received lukewarm reception thus far, but the title does seem to be pulling decent player figures on Steam and elsewhere. The title seeks to balance the game design of FromSoftware’s opus with science fiction aesthetic sensibilities, invoking memories of the cult title Too Human.

Advertised as a wholly single-player experience, Immortal recently introduced a competitive mode. Concerns were raised whether this would lead to a diluted solo experience, which Toadman was eager to downplay.

The game allows for both shooting and melee play, with a varied arsenal of weapons. The game attempts to eliminate linearity through the choice of challenge, with players able to tackle side-content in any order. However, the title does need certain plot prerequisites to be met in linearity. The project runs in at 20-30 hours long, so a New Game Plus mode should leave those gamers with left-field, non-AAA tastes plenty to enjoy.

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