It’s been months since EA Origin has had a decent sale going on involving The Sims 4, but that changes today. Now through Wednesday, March 11th the Outdoor Retreat, Spa Day, and Get To Work DLC packs have been marked down 25% while the base game and Deluxe editions are 33% off.

While the percentages seem to favor the base game, actually the DLC is a better deal. That only has to do with the fact they rarely go on sale, and with a 25% discount the Outdoor Retreat and Spa Day DLCs are at their all time lows.

Sims 4 DLCs:

Base Game:

The base game and deluxe have been cheaper in the past. During the Holiday Season 2015 Origin had the price as low as $19.99 for The Sims 4 (though admittedly that deal didn’t last long). Never the less, this is as cheap as we expect The Sims 4 to get until the Summer PC gaming sales, which will likely arrive in late June or July.

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