Samurai Shodown has lain dormant for many years but is now reemerging with a vengeance for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this June.

A release for Switch will be coming in Q4 of this year, with the PC release having an unconfirmed release date.

SNK premiered a new trailer for PAX East for the game which can be found embedded below.

The new entry is being made in-house by SNK, the mastermind behind The King of Fighters XIV, on Unreal Engine 4. The game will chronically take place after Samurai Shodown V and the first entry in the series.

Samurai Shodown will be directed by Nobuyuki Kuroki and will be accompanied by The King of Fighters XIV producer Yasuyuki Oda. Athlon Games will be publishing the North American and European versions of the game.

Series anchor Haohmaru and the ninja Galford with his trusted Poppy will be making a return with 12 other veteran characters; Earthquake, Charlotte, Nakoruru, Genjuro, Kyoshiro, Hanzo, Tam Tam, Ukyo, Jubei, Yoshitora, and Shiki. Furthermore, the cast will be joined with three new characters to the series that have yet to be revealed.

SNK have confirmed more characters will be coming as post-launch DLC; whether these are returning characters, new, or a mix is uncertain at this time.

Samurai Shodown will have the return of the Rage Guage, Rage Explosion, and Sword Clash systems, but sadly the game will not feature a Sword Guage which is similar to a stamina gauge.

New techniques and mechanics are being introduced such as a once-per-match Super Special Move that each character can perform.

Some of the game modes coming with the game will be the usual array of story mode, practice mode, and the versus modes. One major addition to Samurai Shodown is the new “Dojo” which is a proprietary AI system that learns how people play. By using this data, players can then upload their ‘Ghost data’ to face off against other people. Players can fight Ghosts in a one-versus-one match or take on an ironman ladder, facing off against 100 Ghosts.

To follow the game’s development be sure to check out the Samurai Shodown Twitter.

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