Samurai Shodown

In a new trailer, SNK reveals several important details about the upcoming release of its reboot of the 1993 classic Samurai Shodown.

The ‘Return of a Legend’ trailer offers a quick history lesson on the roots of the series before getting right into gameplay. Possibly the biggest revelation in this video is Dojo Mode, a much-emulated system other fighting games struggle to pull off.

While playing Samurai Shodown, the game will automatically create an AI “ghost” that learns the exact playstyle of players. In Dojo Mode, players can go up against their own ghost or download ghosts from other players. The ghost system opens up the possibility of simulating matches against offline friends or even professionals from the fighting game scene.

Towards the end of the video, the trailer revealed that the release date for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Samurai Shodown will be June 25. Purchasing the game before June 30 will also give players access to Samurai Shodown‘s season pass, which covers six months of DLC content. Over those six months, at least four new characters will be introduced.

An exact release date for the Nintendo Switch or PC is not discussed in this trailer, although SNK has previously announced that Samurai Shodown will launch on the Switch in Q4 2019 and PC “at a later date.”

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