So with Deep Silver & Volition’s latest Saints Row fast approaching they have kindly given us gamers a little sneak peak at the action in their Independence Day mock up trailer. It includes (as well as obvious Independence Day references) a Saints Row take on Winston Churchill’s own “We’ll fight them on the beaches!”.

As excited as I am, the thing in this trailer that made me giddy (as has most news, and sugar -but that’s different) the Alien Overlord Zinyak’s ugly hide, the HUGE Mech and its gun arms, the continuation of just ridiculous and acrobatic take downs topped off with a side of Uncle Sam with his trusty BAMF gun shown off in this trailer make me fidget in my chair and scream “RELEASE IT NOW!”.

In Saints Row 4 we’ll see the return of Ben King, Pierce, Shaundi (unfortunately no Johnny Gat/Daniel Dae Kim – so a moment’s silence…) and even further movement of the Saints away from old school Gang warfare to all out bonkers and ball busting hilarity of Global annihilation.
It’s good to see that Saints Row 4 will be every bit as crazy as `The Third` and with even more awesome guns to come there’s not much more to ask of Deep Silver & Volition except maybe a larger Whored Mode.

Saints Row 4 releases on August 23, Pre-Order to get bonus material.

(Source: Saint’s Row YouTube)

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