Runic Games, the development team behind the Torchlight franchise, has recently revealed a new trailer for its upcoming wordless adventure game, Hob.

The latest footage focuses on the World Machine, a massive mechanism that lays beneath the game’s organic environment and is used throughout the adventure to revive and unlock new areas to explore on the surface. While some of the interactions with this device are foregrounded, the trailer also showcases combat and traversal in both the overworld and underworld, and the unique abilities of the player character.

With Torchlight being a Diablo-esque action-RPG, Hob is a very different endeavour for the studio, focusing on a wordless, story-driven adventure. The game’s world has fallen into disarray, and the player’s task is to repair an reinvigorate the ecosystem.

In addition to the new trailer, the developers also recently shed light on one of the creatures that populate the game’s world, the Sprites, which are fairy-like plant symbiotes whose role is to keep the world in working order. In gameplay, the Sprites help to guide the player towards objectives, as well as offer additional insights into the story. Runic Games’s President, Marsh Lefler said that these creatures were inspired by the work of Hayao Miyazaki, and 1997’s Princess Mononoke in particular, which often rely on secondary characters to bridge gaps in cultural understanding.

Hob is currently scheduled for release at an unspecified date later this year on PC and PlayStation 4.

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Damien Lawardorn
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