Rune: Ragnarok

Rune, the upcoming Nordic action-RPG by Human Head Studios,  has been delayed to this winter following its beta testing.

In a statement on the company’s website, Human Head stated that “with a heavy axe and large mug of mead, we announce that the game will now launch this Winter.” While this is disappointing news, the developer has announced a series of improvements to allay any player sorrow. These additions include improved god interaction, combat polish, additional re-builables, a revision of the crafting system to include “diverse crafting recipes,” more areas and enemies, and the inclusion of a female player character.

Primarily, Human Head wants to deliver a game that is bug-free and runs well, which is a rarity on Early Access these days. The developer also announced that community members who pre-ordered the game before 11:59 PM CDT September 12 will receive entry into all upcoming beta testing.

The studio is not new to revising the game, with Rune undergoing a massive AI overhaul in August. OnlySP’s Richard Flint had the opportunity to speak to Human Head about Rune recently, with the interview being available soon.

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