Human Head Studios has released footage of the revamped gameplay of its upcoming title Rune II.

Rune II has come a long way since being announced as Rune: Ragnarok way back in 2017. Even after several rebrandings, the care put in by the developers remains a constant.

Human Head Studios has always been an open book with its development process, releasing dozens of updates and behind the scenes looks to the community. After several alphas and a beta test, the title appears to be approaching its final stages as Human Head Studios released an hour long update addressing the community’s burning questions.

The video begins discussing what multiplayer content will be made available at launch. Initially, Rune II would have been released without any deathmatch modes or the arena mode. However, due to feedback from beta testers, the team has decided to launch Rune II with both a deathmatch and team deathmatch with arena mode and several over game types being added at a later date.

Another aspect that players will be able to get their hands on, post-launch, is the ability to mod. Modding things such as weapons and other in-game items will be something included on the company’s roadmap of upcoming content. At present, players can host their own local servers or rent cloud servers, however, no admin powers will be given to those hosts. Another possible DLC hinted in the video is a companion expansion to give players pets.

While Rune II does have a large emphasis on multiplayer, the game will also have a single-player story that takes place in an alternate timeline to the first Rune. Instead of the player defeating Loki to stop Ragnarok, the protagonist Ragnar failed with Loki subsequently escaping. The over-arching plot is much broader this time around as, whereas the original title had a linear story, Rune II has a completely open world to explore.

One of the most exciting details revealed in this update is that, should the player fail to stop Loki, the world will become reset to the beginning of the adventurer’s quest. Once more, the player will be tasked with facing Loki, however, the means of reaching him will have changed. The developers did not go into specifics on what precisely will change in the game world, but seeing how this endless loop will play into the final version will be exciting.

The entire campaign will be available in both offline and online co-op mode. The number of players suggested for co-op is four but the game has no hard caps forcing players to keep it that way. If a person has a sufficient PC, they can host a co-op game for an undisclosed amount of friends.

Human Head also addressed the Epic Games Store exclusivity controversy that was announced a week prior by stating that it will only be a timed exclusive. Players who pre-ordered the game via other PC retailers, such as Steam, will receive two Epic Games Store keys upon launch as well as a Steam key when the title is made available in Summer 2020. The decision to accept Epic Games’s deal was ultimately to assist in finishing the game. The funding gained from the exclusivity deal allowed Human Head to put much more into the game at launch including the previously mentioned, and highly demanded, deathmatch.

Due to high demand from gamers, the developer has not shied away from releasing a physical copy of the title and urges those interested to comment on forums to gauge interest. A console version of the game is also in talks but Human Head has announced no official commitment to creating such a port as of yet.

To learn more about the combat and environments in Rune II, check out our interview OnlySP conducted with the developers last year.

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