Launch plans for the upcoming Rune sequel have changed dramatically, with the game no longer utilising an Early Access release.

Developer Human Head Studios made the announcement via Twitter earlier this weekend, saying the game will receive a version 1.0 launch “later this year.”

The statement mentions that the change comes “through securing additional funding sources,” but provides no further details. The apparent caginess has led numerous fans on Twitter to assume the developer has signed an exclusivity deal for the Epic Games Store, following the likes of Close to the Sun, Borderlands 3, and Phoenix Point.

Whether such assumptions prove true or not, the team expects to divulge “a launch time frame very shortly.” Furthermore, Rune will reportedly be supported by a “strong roadmap” of post-release updates and additions.

The news marks the first major update from Human Head regarding the status of the game since November 2018. Prior to that, the game was scheduled to enter Early Access on September 19, 2018, though that was delayed to winter 2018—a period now passed.

Around the same time, OnlySP spoke to Human Head about its intentions and goals with the game, and that interview is available here.

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Damien Lawardorn
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