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Volition will be stepping away from their popular Saints Row franchise with their next title, if a recent job listing is to be believed.

Back in March, the developer put out a call for a Senior World Builder who is “eager to contribute to the development of a new IP”. However, this does not necessarily mean that the new project is being designed with the intention of finding a new fanbase, as the applicant should be “excited by Deep Silver Volition’s past projects”.

Another recent listing, for a Senior Systems Designer, requests that applicants have previous experience in designing key elements for “third-person shooters or action games”, with experience in vehicle control and combat being a plus, which indicates that, from a core gameplay perspective at least, the new game will not be a world away from Saints Row. Further supporting that supposition, an Associate Producer position mentions that the team is “building large-scale sandbox games” and several other job listings indicate a preference for candidates with previous experience in creating open-world games.

Despite the mounting similarities, a listing for a Senior Animator seems to indicate a shift in tone. A “proficiency in realistic motion” is requested, which is at odds with the increasingly unrealistic Saints Row series. It may indicate that the developer is opting for a more grounded approach, similar to that of Grand Theft Auto V, in their latest offering. Perhaps more interesting are the calls for personnel with “a broad knowledge base of […] RPGs”, indicating that the studio looks set to tackle a genre that they have, until now, not dabbled in.

What appears certain from the job listings is that Volition is taking a measured step away from its previous successes, retaining some core elements, but also following wider industry trends in the increased realism and implementation of RPG systems. The job listings also indicate that the new game is being planned for release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Of course, until an official announcement is made, this is all conjecture and should be taken as such. The studio’s most recent release was the stand-alone expansion of Saints Row IV, Gat Out Of Hell. We’ll bring you official details of Volition’s latest project when it is announced.

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  1. Great to see Volition trying something new, I’d say it was about time to ease off on the Saints Row releases. On the by, Volition has built RPGs before, the very good (but under-appreciated – JRPGs were all the rage back then) Summoner and Summoner 2 – the original Summoner is available on $5 to see Volition’s RPG history :).

  2. This will be really interesting. I personally never really was a fan of Saints Row. I’ve only played a little bit of GTA V but can I say I preferred the latter because of its more grounded feel. So this rumor has me hoping it’s something more approachable and less wacky.

    1. The first two SR games weren’t wacky, they were a lot like GTA.. ironic is people say it copied GTA but was in development before GTA San Andreas was made.

      1. So it was after those then SR started drifting off to make its own identity then. Really, I never knew that. But given how popular GTA is makes you wonder if SR will still get a lot of attention in the future.

        1. It won’t. Most SR fans only like the original 2 only the fans who didn’t play 1 AND 2 think the later ones are any good. Had Volition ignored the R* stans and kept with the more realistic themes of the first 2 SR might of just given GTA a run for it’s money by now.

          1. Yeah I hear you there some of my relatives never tried the first two but loved Saints Row The Third. They’re the type to not do retro gaming or backtrack unfortunately especially because of graphics so will never find that out unless Volition remaster or remake them altogether in which case I may try. But yes I see what you’re saying instead of them remaining original to the vision they’d set out on they began to parody themselves and parallel to R* in a sense could tell with how Saints Row The Third looked and played, I just can’t take it seriously. Not that all games are meant to be taken seriously just not my cup of tea. It’s too bad that they’ve taken this direction.

            Who knows though: many companies are rebooting their franchises now. Volition may try to remaster the older ones to gauge interest from audiences about what they prefer from here on out and maybe make a game that strikes a balance between old and new or go back to basics. Because if you ask me we aren’t getting SR 5 anytime soon at all, it’ll be smart if they avoid it tbh. But the thing about that is they’re most likely doing new IP by then so we probably won’t see a new Saints Row outside of remasters til the next GTA is even around by then it should be interesting seeing them go head to head. As for GTA though, it feels different than other games I’ve played idk if I’ll grow to like like I wanna enjoy it but I feel I’ll hit roadblocks who knows. With GTA anything can happen as they say.

  3. Good…I’d much rather see a new IP than another Saints Row. Need a break.

  4. This is probably not a new IP but a Saints Row Sequel. Saints Row is a big money maker for them, and is already an established series with a big fan base. Why would they start over and make a new series that is extremely similar? It would take more effort than already using a world they created. I know they aren’t finished with saints row games and it’s been some time since we’ve gotten a proper sequel. I think the article is reaching too much by saying realistic vehicle motion means an entirely new series. Saints row has always made an attempts to have realistic physics, it just hasn’t done an outstanding job. This is probably an area they recognize saints row could do better. Having unrealistic physics and motion wouldn’t be a positive for gameplay. It’s the weapons, characters, and story lines that are over the top and unrealistic. And maybe they are bringing the series back to it’s more grounded roots seen in the very first game. Looking for someone with experience in RPG games is a bit more convincing that it is a new game, but it’s very possible they just want to include more RPG elements into saints row.

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