Retaining one of the most rabid fan followings in gaming, this would be only logical. Of course, logic hasn’t exactly been Square-Enix’s forte as of late, and so we’re planting this firmly in the rumours section. What am I talking about? A high-definition compilation of the Disney/Final Fantasy mash-up series Kingdom Hearts. The news comes courtesy of a DualPixels source known only as Geno, who professes inside information that the Japanese publisher will announce it at E3 next week.

Supposedly known as either Kingdom Hearts: Remix or Kingdom Hearts: Remembrance, it will bring together the two PS2 original games, as well as the GBA’s Chain of Memories, the DS’s 358/2 Days and the PSP’s Birth By Sleep. In addition to the graphical update, it will add in extra sidequests and plot details to make them seem more cohesive. It will be available on the PS3, Vita and Wii-U.

While the existence of such a collection is feasible, given S-E previously expressing that they are looking into HD updates, I’m on the fence about this. I simply don’t see how the GBA/DS iterations are going to be able to be upscaled and made to look and play well, particularly on televisions with larger screens. Without those, I’d be more than happy to throw my inconsiderable weight into the believer’s camp, but as it stands, I’ll wait until the dust settles after E3.

Damien Lawardorn
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  1. Let's hope this is true. This would be one definite collection. I only played a little of Birth by Sleep so I would by this package in a heartbeat.

  2. Firmly planting a rumour… is that irony?

    And yeah, this would be one of the heftiest collections if it does come out with the GBA and DS iterations. As for playing these on large TV's MGS pulled off having SNES games and I felt that was fine.

    One way or another, I hope this collection gets released =)

    1. If it is irony, then I assure you that it was entirely unintentional >.>

      I forgot that MGS HD had the original games, (I haven't got to play it yet) but the graphics of the SNES are still ahead of the GBA, as well as being tailored to run at SD resolution, something that even the 3DS doesn't do.

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