Rumour time! I’m sure by now Microsoft is used to hearing all sorts of rumours but this one certainly sounds legit. Rumor has it the Xbox 720 will be released within the next 18 months, and it will support skype. These claims come courtesy of a few Microsoft job listings.

The first listing is no longer listed. Luckily, Digital Spy copied the information.

It says, “Over the next 18 months Microsoft will release new versions of all of our most significant products including Windows (Client, Server, Phone and Azure), Office and Xbox, along with completely new offerings like Microsoft Surface.” 

The second job listing is still active. This one seeks a, “UI designer & prototype for Skype” on “next gen Xbox and consumer devices.”

Recently Microsoft clarified a quote that came from Brian Hall, Microsoft Manager, claiming his statement was taken out of context. Microsoft acknowledged on plans for launching new updates but not a new console.
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  1. long live microsoft

  2. long live microsoft

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