As though we needed more fuel for the Dead Space 3 rumor fire, we’ve gotten our hands on the first screenshots of the game.  They look amazing and are ripe with rumor-inducing details.  Let the speculation fly!

First off, look at all that snow!  We heard that Dead Space 3 would be set on a frozen planet and it looks like that’s exactly where we’re headed.  In this particular shot, you can actually see the snow swirling around Isaac.  It’s safe to assume we won’t be spending the whole game lurking in dark corridors, but rather wandering out onto the surface to enjoy the winter wonderland.


No one wants to play in the snow alone, so that’s why Isaac brought a friend.  We’re not sure who this beefy character is, but we do know his armor is infinitely more intimidating than Isaac’s.  Check out that patch on his shoulder.  He’s obviously part of some sort of organized military/police force.  Is he John Carver, the graphic novel character we’ve heard so much about?  Is he a playable character, either in co-op or some sort of split narrative form?

Since Visceral Games appears to be giving us some help, it’s safe to say there will still be plenty of Necromorphs to take on.  If these screenshots are any indication, they may be a little different than the ones we are used to seeing.   The one that appears to be charging Isaac seems a little more brown and grey than those we’ve battled in the past.  I recall Necromorphs being more of a pink-ish color, sort of like raw meat.  That was appropriate for a freshly mutated post-human.  Perhaps the ones in Dead Space 3 are somehow affected by the cold temperature on the frozen planet.  Do they slow down or even completely freeze when exposed to sub-zero temperatures?  Will this affect the gameplay as we move from inside to outside or vice versa?  Conceivably, shooting out a window under these circumstances could wipe out an entire crowd of Necromorphs, much like the pressurized chambers in Dead Space 2. 

Think I’m being a bit overly analytical with my color scrutiny?  Let’s look at something a bit less conspicuous.  That Necromorph has a gun!  OK, so maybe he’s not a Necromorph.  Regardless, he’s an enemy with a gun and that is not what we’re used to seeing in Dead Space.

For the sake of speculation, let’s dig a little deeper on that particular image.  Take a look at the enemy’s shadow.  It just doesn’t quite match up with the actual shape of his body.  The shadow of his right arm does not look to be in the correct position.  The shadow of his head is completely missing.  Let’s not forget those long, narrow shadows extending conspicuously from the sides.  They are in just the right place to be cast by long mutated arms extending from his back.  Maybe I’m over-analyzing again.  Or maybe someone touched up the image just enough to take out the telltale Necromorph physiology.  If that is the case and a Necromorph can carry a gun, all bets are off.  Will this be a common occurrence over the course of the game?  If they have multiple arms, can they wield multiple weapons?  If so, we’re all in for a hell of a ride.

Speaking of “a hell of a ride”, it looks like Isaac is going to take one.  He’s obviously piloting a ship under less-than-ideal circumstances.  Hopefully he didn’t have anything valuable in the trunk.  Does this mean we’re going to crash-land on this frozen planet or perhaps have another failed escape attempt like the tram repair from Dead Space 1?

Regardless of whether or not any of this speculation turns out to be fact, we can all agree that this game is going to scare the bejesus out of us when it releases.  We’re all dying to hear an official announcement next week at E3.  Until then, stay tuned to OnlySP for more details.



Will Blackwell
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  1. that logo on the guy's arm looks like the logo of Ishimura

    1. Yeah, it does. I've seen some info saying he is the Engineer on the Ishimura. Either way, he looks badass. I'm still hung up on the shadow below the guy's feet in the 4th image. It just doesn't match up at all and it's bugging me to no end.

      1. @Will: I think there is a pole or bar laying on the ground. That's why his shadow looks weird.

        1. Yeah, it looks like a bent pipe laying on the ground. Looking a bit closer, I can see it casting it's own shadow on the left side. The rest of the guys shadow still looks "off" to me, but it appears that the ground is uneven, so that could be making it look funny. I spent so much time digging into these pic, I think my imagination was turned up to 11. Good call though. Speculation is so fun…

          1. haha. Let it run. I do see though that his head kind of looks missing but that could be the level of the ground like you're saying.

  2. You mentioned things I never would have noticed upon close inspection. I completely forgot what color the old necromorphs were. I wonder if the game will have moments similar to those in the first two in which you might run out of oxygen only in this case, death would come freezing

    1. It's hard to tell from the still pic, but I swear that Necromorph looks frozen. With the snow on the floor, the windows in that corridor are obviously broken and the temps could be dropped, thus freezing him in place. I can't wait to find out!

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