UPDATE: Ian Milham, a Creative Director working at EA posted this Tweet today signaling that the press was shown their latest project, presumably, Battlefield: S.W.A.T.

Shinobi602 is at it again, this time providing information on the rumored police themed Battlefield game that’s supposed to arrive this Fall.

Again, apologies for a higher number of insider posts as of late, but it is the weeks leading up to E3 and a lot info is being thrown around so we’re doing our best to just keep you informed of what’s going around. Shinobi has a good track record with us so far, so that’s why we cover him, and we also speak to him directly to confirm things before we post a story on his findings.

Shinobi was recently responsible for leaking the embargo for Halo 5: Guardians and has sources tell him Quantum Break wouldn’t release until the Summer of 2015, which was pretty much confirmed the other day when we learned the game had only just now entered full production.

Earlier this year, rumors came out about Project Havana, an internal development name for what insiders said was a police themed Battlefield game being developed at Visceral Studios. Shinobi’s source has told him that the shooter coming out of EA the year is indeed Project Havana, now called Battlefield: S.W.A.T. for the moment. The full name is subject to change according to Shinobi.

The game will be revealed at E3 and is apparently one of 6 titles that will be revealed by EA this year. We’re awaiting more information on the game as this story continues to develop, but we’ll keep you updated until we know if it’s a multiplayer only experience or if there’s a campaign involved so stay tuned.

As of right now this is the only information we have on the project so apologies for the shortness of this story. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as we hear anything more.

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  1. I really hope we’re getting a tactical shooter for a change, but EA gonna EA. :/

    1. its called Battlefield SWAT, do you expect anything other than Battlefield with police?

      1. If the game turns out to be only a run and gun shooter with close quarters maps, without actual SWAT/police gameplay, EA can fuck themselves. :|

  2. They’re doing a 3 year dev cycle to compete with Call of Duty. So this year we get the S.W.A.T game, in 2015 we get Bad Company 3, and in 2016 we get Battlefield 5.. Take that to the bank,

    1. Dude you are very wrong. Star wars battlefront is being developed at D.I.C.E. and will be released in 2015 so obviously they wont release bad company 3 since they arent even working on it.

  3. so… just battlefield with bulletproof shields?


  4. Wait a second, we’re sure this isn’t just getting confused with the next Battlefield 4 DLC “Dragon’s Teeth”, right? Cause that’s coming out in Summer and will have ballistic shields in it.

    1. Releasing dlcwhen the game is not even fixed yet lol these ppl buying it are damn stupid zombies saying to EA that it’s ok to release Beta of the game and never fix it

  5. Why bring a new battlefield out now.. the other one isn’t even one year old yet.. Save it for two more years EA.. Then bring it out..

  6. FUCKK not yet ANOTHER modern shooter. Take us back to WWII/ Vietnam, I’m so fucking sick of the modern futuristic shit. I want to see a new WWII FPS on these new consoles and PC. Those were always the best and now they can be even better.

    1. Since when have we seen a game allowing people to completely act or cops and Robbers at this scale ? Please, start your own mod if you’re dissatisfied.

      1. Cops and Robbers? Arma 2: Chernarus Life/Arma 3: Altis Life mods, Kane & Lynch 2 multiplayer… :)

        1. Which is for what ? PC !

      2. Since when have we seen EA game that has working servers? Especially after releasing BF4 6 months ago and it still not being fixed, yet they were sure to release another Beta game in a year

  7. So… kinda like Payday minus the masks but you can play as the cops too? Fair enough.

    However, I still want to see Bad Company 3. BC2 was absolutely fantastic.

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