Twitter user lifelower seems to have uncovered a product listing for Warframe on Xbox One. The release date is currently listed as 12/31/2013, which happens to be tomorrow. Digital Extreme hasn’t officially said anything about the game releasing on Xbox One, but if it pops up on the Xbox Live store tomorrow, I suppose it would be a good surprise. Warframe coming to the Xbox One as a next-gen title wouldn’t be unprecedented, as it’s already available for PS4.

Warframe is a F2P third-person action title that features, both single player and multiplayer features. We haven’t done a whole lot of coverage of the game because of its focus on cooperative gameplay. You can see the listing for the title just below.

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  1. Not a surprise. IGN interviewed the head of DE and he said that ideally, he would want Warframe to be console exclusive to ps4 but since Microsoft’s policy changes, he would love to get their game to more people.

  2. Well, if it releases tomorrow I guess I’ll have something to play this weekend.

  3. already coming for sure de already said this months ago, the big unknown is when but who cares really game is not that great …

  4. Looks like a placeholder date to me

    1. Probably is. I based the idea of a surprise off the fact of how they released Max: Curse of the Brotherhood. Announcing the release date a day before it came out.

  5. Warframe on the XBone?

    It’s 1080p and 60fps on the PS4 with PC crossplay.

    For the XBone it’ll probably be stuck at 720p and 60fps with no PC crossplay.

    1. are you late to the hate train bud? we are already making jokes about it leaking oil now.

      1. ps4 people are mad at xbox and need to bash it. Solrry ur consol sucks

        1. Mad? I’m happy the PS4 has won over fans with better hardware and games. The sales number don’t lie. Just laughing at the remaining stalwarts that insist on defending a joke of a console we call XBone.

      2. You riding the short bus?

    2. I like the idea of console crossplay, but PC crossplay is a bad idea. PC players have a huge advantage due to the mouse having much more accurate control.

      As for the “Xbone” comments…Grow up people. Seriously. If you don’t have anything better to do than sit around and brag about how good your console is to a bunch of strangers online then please for all of us reevaluate your life choices. Why don’t you spend that time playing this magnificent console you speak of?

      1. Warframe developers have mitigated the PC advantages by balancing the control schemes on both PC and PS4. Add in the fact the DS4 has a usable touch pad and you have a good control mechanism for Warframe.

        As for your drivel about “growing up”, I actually like using the word XBone as it’s much easier to type out than Xbox One. Heck even my local Gamestop started referring to it as XBone. Maybe you have too much time on your hands to be arguing about this?

  6. Poor $0N¥ paupers, losing more and more and MORE. GTFO of business $0N¥!

  7. This game is horrible.

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