The folks over at have uncovered what looks like it could be the IMDB cast listing for Batman Arkham Knight which just so happens to include a listing for George Newbern as the Man of Steel.

Newbern is no stranger to playing Superman as he has played the role before in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animation series but could he make an appearance in Arkham Knight as Superman?

The cast list also revealed that other popular DC characters like Nightwing, Robin and Azrael could feature. Check it out below.


So what do you think? Happy that Superman could make a cameo in the game or do you detest the idea of seeing him head to Gotham City? Let us know your thoughts on the rumor in the comments below.


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  1. Hope it happens. Love crossovers =)

  2. Quinton Flynn, niceeee.

  3. This game is about being the batman! That being said, when the dark knight takes on superman it’s one of the best fights ever. Superman could have been controlled by the fear toxin and you(batman) have to knock some sense into him.

  4. where catwoman at? c’mon we need to have her as a playable character!!!

  5. I really hope rocksteady does a superman game next. We’ve never had a good superman game. If anyone can do it they can

  6. Reminder this is imdb, nothing official, coda over on the official arkham forums, confirmed that no one from rocksteady or WB updates imdb

  7. As cool as it sounds, they don’t need supes in the game and explaining where he was during the Arkham City crisis would require some unnecessary work… This series has been great with just bats and his bat-family, they don’t need the Justice League now

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