Take this rumor with a HUGE grain of salt. Seriously, don’t get too excited about this one. We’re just doing our job and reporting on the info, so don’t chew off our heads if it doesn’t prove to be true.

A thread has appeared on Reddit this evening from a user claiming to have leaked details about another Star Wars-themed first person shooter being published by EA in  2017. The name of the game according to the user is Star Wars: Imperial Commando, and is being developed on the Frostbite Engine by a “well-known” studio in Austin, Texas.

There’s quite a few areas in the post where red-flags are raised about the credibility of the rumor. Mainly, the fact that Star Wars: Imperial Commando was a game in development back in 2004 and subsequently cancelled. Also, the user claims the game is coming to the Nintendo NX, which we know is in development, but with Nintendo’s track record with third party developers (particularly EA), it might be a bit early to claim as much. Then again, there’s probably a bunch of business stuff going on behind the scenes by people who have already seen Nintendo’s next console in action. So who knows?

Here’s the gist of the post, which includes pretty much all of the important details. Again, take it with a grain of salt.

  • Release will be November 2017.
  • It will be released for Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo NX and PC.
  • No surprise: The engine will be FrostBite 4.
  • Main focus will be on the campaign, but it will have an multiplayer. CoD like (small maps, fast paced, etc)
  • Up to four-player co-op play.
  • Each player has unique gadgets and features. The leader (RC-1138) can give orders to the others.
  • The HUD and the helmet-view will be even more important than in Republic Commando.
  • There will be vehicles in some parts of the game (like the Halo series).
  • Environment will mostly be destructible and take effect on the world (shooting the glass in a ship, for example, will suck everyone out into space)
  • Since its mostly an story-driven game, it will have a huge campaign and a lot of planets of the universe (20+ hours of play).
  • There will be an app that can be used as a second screen (like the Fallout 4 Pipboy) for gadgets, weapons, radar, etc.
  • So far, there’s no information on DLC.

You can check out the full thread of yourself by following the link.

As for what I think about this rumor? I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s fake, simply based on the track records of people supposedly sharing “teaser” websites for games. Also, most of the details are pretty much straight from Republic Commando, with the user basically stating things will be better in the sequel.

Let us know what you think about this rumor in the comments section and stay tuned for further updates. Just the mention of a sequel to Republic Commando gets me excited enough to follow this rumor through to its end.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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