Internet sleuth Superannuation is one of the more reliable insider on the net, often providing tangible information rather than making predictions like other so called “insiders” like Thuway.

If you don’t recall, Superannuation outed Far Cry 4’s setting a few weeks ago, stating that it was set in the Himalayas, which Eurogamer’s own sources later confirmed. As of right now you should expect to see Far Cry 4 at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference in June.

In a recent round of Tweets made by Superannuation, he may have revealed some more inside info on the troubled development of the next entry in the Rainbow Six franchise, Rainbow 6 Patriots.

According to Superannuation, the game has been, “redesigned from the ground up three times. Yikes.” This follows previous development troubles with key development members leaving the team. It’ll be interesting to see what the game may or may not have turned into following the initial reveal over three years ago.

Either way, I’m more excited for a new entry in the Rainbow 6 franchise than most other FPS games currently announced. What was shown in the prototype video had some real potential as well if that’s what makes it into the full game. Hopefully we’ll know sooner or later.

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Nick Calandra
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  1. I have more doubts about Patriots than hope, personally. Whenever a game gets re-imagined three times, it is usually pretty good indication that the game has lost its identity and there are simply way too many cooks in the kitchen. Games are almost always better when their original creator doesn’t leave…simple as that.

    1. Rainbow Six is too big of a seller for Ubisoft to drop it entirely. I bet we’ll hear more about it post E3, maybe even at E3, a small tease or something and it’ll release sometime in late 2015 to compete with Battlefield and Call of Duty. Ubisoft doesn’t have a big FPS to their name yet, and I think Rainbow Six will fill that spot.

      1. I could see that happening, but I just hope that the turnover didn’t dilute the game vision like it has done for other games in the past…

  2. Also, just re-watched their target demo again, and I have one thing to say: “He closed the car door!!!!!!!!”

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