More and more info is coming out about the troubled development of Aliens: Colonial Marines and it’s looking like the history of the game is darker than the game itself. A verified tester for Colonial Marines did an AMA today on the development of Aliens: Colonial Marines, and also shed some light on Sega’s next Aliens project.

There’s a ton of info in the comments section of the AMA about what exactly happened during development. The tester, which is a confirmed by the moderation of the r/games on Reddit answered many burning questions about Colonial Marines. You can follow the link here to see the confirmation for yourself. The posts have since been removed however, and the moderation of r/games believes that someone at Sega tracked the poster down to remove the posts.

A user on NeoGaf was lucky enough to get a screen grab of the text before the comments were deleted. We’ve gone through and marked some of the most important facts from the AMA. One of the most troubling aspects of Aliens: Colonial Marines development was the 2012 demo that’s been causing uproar amongst fans, asking where the hell “that” version of the game went. According to the tester, it was never a part of the game and wasn’t even built using the Unreal Engine.

Earlier this week it also had been reported that TimeGate had done most of the production of the campaign, which according to this latest source, isn’t true at all. TimeGate had been handed the game when the first Borderlands was announced. From there TimeGate did a good amount of work on the campaign, but unfortunately when the game was handed back to Gearbox to continue development, the damage was already done. The final product ended up being a “cut and paste” job of what the original product was meant to be.

We won’t re-explain everything that you can find in the testers answers to the various questions that were asked, but on an unrelated note to Colonial Marines, Creative Assembly may actually have the Aliens game we’ve been asking for in the works.

The tester explains that the game is looking great, and is being developed by Creative Assembly (Total War series). According to the tester, the game is dark, slow paced (in the good way) and has some great textures and lighting effects. He also mentions that the PS4 devkit they’ve been using for the unannounced Aliens game looks just as good, if not better than a high-end gaming PC.

For the rest of the questions and answers, feel free to checkout the screen grab below. We’ve boxed in red the most important questions and answers. (Click on the image to see the full size)


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  1. I’m really not shocked at all about funds being shifted to Borderlands. Say whatever you will about the potential of an Aliens game but it won’t change the fact that it’s still an after thought. Borderlands as an IP has much more to offer to a much broader group of gamers. HOWEVER, this does not excuse them for not being able to properly allocate their staffing and resources.

    1. I think you’re missing the point. Sega paid them to make a Alien Game, so Sega would publish. It’s not a matter of choice to Gearbox to decide where to spend that money between their projects, that money was given to make the Alien game. I hope if Sega has any proof that they sue Gearbox, this is pure corruption.

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