It looks like the Metro series is finally making its way to the next-gen platforms.

According to an Italian gaming forum, the Metro series is coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC in a package called “Redux”. Leaked promotional materials for the game reveal that the package will include both Metro 2033 and Last Light along with all previously released DLC. In addition, the graphics will also see an upgrade, presumably on both games which would be quite the sight on next-gen consoles considering both games already looked great on PC and the PS3 and Xbox 360.

This is the first time Playstation owners will be able to play Metro 2033, however, so that’s certainly exciting as well. According to the source who leaked the images, Metro: Redux will be released in July of this year. I recently contacted a Deep Silver PR rep about 4A Games bringing the Metro series to next-gen consoles, but, as per usual, got the typical no comment. I sent that email out about a month and a half ago.

We’ll be sure to update you if a representative from either Deep Silver or 4A Games confirms this leak. But, for now, take a look at the promotional art below and let us know what you think about the Metro series coming to the next-gen platforms. Will you be picking it up if you’ve already played both games?




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  1. I played both on PC already, so I doubt I will pick them up again, unless the PC version gets a SIGNIFICANT visuals upgrade.

  2. Haven’t played either so I just might! Tho I prefer FPS games on PC…. let’s see where the year takes me =p

  3. I hope this is in fact true, I absolutely loved both of them on Xbox 360.

  4. Never played either, so this is on the list for when I get a PS4 :)

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