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Just because E3 2019 is over and done with does not mean a massive leak cannot happen, even for Grand Theft Auto VI.

Posted today by ResetEra user RevengeTaken, the leak contains quite a bit of information regarding the development of the inevitable sixth numbered entry in the Grand Theft Auto series. As usual, take the following with a Liberty City-sized grain of salt.

RevengeTaken prefaces the rumor by saying they obtained the information from a friend who has worked at PC Gamer and Kotaku. Additionally, the leaker says their Rockstar-employed friend commented on the information.

“I also have a very dear friend who works for Rockstar, he won’t confirm the details, but he won’t deny them either. Normally, if something is not true, he’ll flat out deny, but here he just laughed and said, ‘you know I can’t talk about that stuff bro,’ so I think we’re gold, boys.”

Highlights of the leak include next-generation exclusivity and one, predetermined male protagonist. Though no release window is planned, the leaker says Rockstar is working on the game alongside another project—potentially Bully 2.

Joining the inclusion of a new location based on Rio de Janeiro is the return of Vice City and some interesting weather effects such as hurricanes and flooding. According to the leak, another change of pace will come with heavy inspiration from Netflix’s Narcos and a setting of the 1970s.

Those curious what else the leak predicts should check out the full debrief in the link posted above. Last time any information on an upcoming Grand Theft Auto was two months ago when an ex-employee talked about the game’s development.

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  1. Hmm, well, this probably isn’t going to be a popular opinion but I’d be happiest with them going back to Vice City 80’s to be honest.

    It’s my main childhood decade as I was born in ’75 and as fantastic as the original one was, I’d love to basically see a Vice City 2 with all the modern day gaming benefits thereof. I’d just love to have that Miami Vice feel back but with the incredible graphics, huge sand box and attention to detail Rockstar produce now. All that Reagan, 80’s action movies, decadent era stuff too, all parodied.

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