It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a sizable scoop to share with you, but as 2015 nears, so do the big rumors of what’s coming next.


 Shinobi602, who has revealed quite a few things to us is back at it again. Shinobi recently Tweeted out a picture of the original Gears of War box art with some ominous text saying, “Next Year”.

Shinobi if you don’t remember has leaked quite a few things to us, including the name of Halo 5, Guerrilla Game’s upcoming IP which recently had some concept art leak that essentially confirmed what Shinboi told us, and plenty more.

Rumors have recently been circulating around a Gears of War Collection for the Xbox One, similar to that of the upcoming Master Chief Collection. Phil Spencer himself recently retweeted someone’s Tweet mentioning a “Marcus Phoenix Collection” for the Xbox One, but later retracted saying retweeting that was a mistake.

It’ll be interesting to see what comes to fruition if there’s indeed a Collection in the works for Gears of War. Maybe we’ll see the original Gears of War ported up to Unreal Engine 4.

As with all rumors, nothing is confirmed so you can speculate away on what you believe to be true. We’ll be sure to bring you any updates we hear on this so don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest.

Nick Calandra
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  1. I would strongly believe this could happen. After Microsoft finally acquiring the Gears IP and setting Black Tusk to work on the next installment, I think you will see Gears do a repeat of what Halo did. Announce Gears 4 (or whatever its called) at E3 2015, show a teaser, set it for release in the fall of 2016. Also announce a Gears collection for release in the fall of 2015 and maybe do a Gearsfest even like they did with Halo.

    I could see Microsoft doing a lot more with Gears now that they control everything.

  2. as long as it has the multiplayer mode in gears 2. gears 3 online was shit. gears 2 is the best online death match ever. so much skill, tactics, etc. gears 3 is just shoot people in the face.

    1. That’s funny because gears 3 is widely regarded as being the best online multiplayer experience out of all of the titles by a lot of people

      1. i dont believe that. they casualized the series with 3 they also paid reviewers for favorable reviews because the story was literally shit and full of plotholes and the gameplay was shit. i would never believe anything about that turd of a game that is said, ms shills are the worst.

        1. Why are you bringing up reviews and your opinion about the story mode when you dissed the multiplayer? Im a Competitive Gears player and imo Gears 3 had the best multiplayer in the series.

          1. “competitive gears player”

            And…… there is the problem! you people are the worst right up there with “competitive” smash players. part of the cancer ruining games. fuck off kiddo.

    2. Gears 1 had the best multiplayer imo, game mechanics were simple and enjoyable and the lobby was perfect.. no map voting, ping info, ability to remove singing kids etc. Gears 2 felt too sluggish to me.. fun story though.

  3. I would love for this to happen just speed up Gears 2 and use the Gnasher from Gears 3 on all 3 games.

  4. Be fucking awesome if it happens. Didn’t play first two games so this would be sweet. What if BlackBerry Tusk are the ones doing it causing delay for the next title?

  5. I need gear’s back in my life now.

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