Gamescom is nearing which means the rumor mill is starting to ramp up. A sequel to Dishonored is currently at the top of the list for that rumor mill.

Personally, I’d take all of the following information with a huge grain of salt. While the box art you see below looks quite real, there are a few notable things. One, the game would most likely not have a mature rating this far out from release, so that’s a red flag. Secondly, the box art looks quite similar to the collector’s edition box art, except it has been changed up a bit with the faded out background. If you look in the top left corner of the mask, you’ll see the same markings on both images. The helmet in the Dishonored 2 art is a bit thinner, however. It’s very hard to tell.

Darkness of Tyvia has been thrown around quite a bit for the game as the official name, yet nobody from Bethesda has yet to comment on any rumor or speculation…as expected.

The tipster who sent the box art to VG247, an anonymous one I might add, also relayed that the game would be revealed at Gamescom in August and be given a tentative November 2015 release date. That release date is also a bit far fetched as well since most reveals this far our from a release date aren’t that specific.

Who knows, maybe it is real, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up just yet. Be it as you will, feel free to leave your thoughts and hopes for Dishonored 2 in the comments section just below.

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Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Looking forward to it. The first one was one of my favorite games last-gen.

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