Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono tweeted out Wednesday morning that development of Deep Down, the first-person fantasy game shown briefly at the PS4 reveal, is progressing on schedule. His tweet only mentions development for the PS4, however, hinting that this Capcom title could be counted among the PS4 exclusive titles.

Running the Japanese portion of the tweet through Google Translate gives the following few sentences:

“Deep down and steadily (provisional), ongoing development! PS4 version of solo play has been able to. The ~ I wonder if I can soon show off in front …”

This portion suggests that the game will be, at least in part, single player (“solo play”). It also hints that we could be seeing a demo in the near future (“soon show off”).

Seeing as how we haven’t heard much about Deep Down since the beginning of the year, we could be due for some more information as the holiday season, and the PS4 holiday release, moves closer. You can check out the reveal trailer for Deep Down below.

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