Corvo is perched outside of Bethesda headquarters, trying to listen in on Dishonored sequel info

Dishonored was arguably the most successful original IP to come out in quite a while, leading Bethesda’s Pete Hines to eventually state that the publisher plans to turn it into a full-blown franchise. It looks like those plans may already be coming to fruition, since developer Arkane Studios is hiring for what seems like a next-gen sequel to the game.

A job posting on the official site for Zenimax (the firm that owns Bethesda) calls for a Senior Engine Programmer whose duties would be to “maintain and optimize the code for PC and next gen consoles.” In addition to that, the requirements involve having “at least one AAA title shipped” and being “passionate about FPS and RPG games,” genres which Dishonored definitely falls into in one way or another, and of which elements could be expanded upon in a sequel.

Now, hold your Dunwall-rasied horses. There’s no concrete evidence that this is absolutely a Dishonored title, as it could very well be a game from an entirely new, unannounced IP. Still, the cards definitely match up right, and considering the enthusiasm of Bethesda for the Dishonored IP, we find it safe to say that this rumor actually pertaining to a Dishonored 2 is the most likely possibility.

Stay tuned for much more news about a possible Dishonored sequel should more info arrive about it. What do you think it should be called? Disavowed? Disheartened? Disoriented? Gosh, I could do this all day.

Michael Urban
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  1. Arcane is one of those company’s that when it releases something they do it good.
    Their take on the Might And Magic Series with Dark Messiah was very succesfull in my opinion.

    1. If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend their overlooked RPG, Arx Fatalis. Think Elder Scrolls meets Ultima Underworld meets awesome.

  2. lol next gen dishonored what will it look like borderlands 2 XD

  3. I would absolutely adore another game in the world of Dishonored. It would be awesome.

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