Independent development team Lunar Software have finally released their first trailer for Routine, featuring in game alpha footage. The four minute long video shows the protagonist getting off a shuttle of sorts and then looking around a space hub. Interestingly you only see one enemy and only once do you see a weapon fired, with the remainder of the combat sequence spent running. It looks like the focus is on avoiding conflict, rather than approaching combat head-on. You can find the full trailer below:

For more on Routine, stay tuned to OnlySP.

Ryan Archer
Ryan is the UK Editor at OnlySP and is one of the PC gaming master race. Unable to resist a good JRPG he enjoys such series as Persona, Disgaea and Valkyria Chronicles although you can also find him sinking time into League of Legends and Football Manager. Ryan has been writing about games for nearly 2 years and has ambitions of becoming a developer. You can catch him on Twitter @Ryanarcher_95 to talk all things gaming!

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  1. Been looking forward for this for a while. This might be a game I have to pick up just because it is indie and good inspiration/reference for me.

    1. I agree, I cannot wait for this game! :)

  2. That looks awesome, I bet when it releases Sony will pick up on that for the PS4.

    1. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised, but they are making the game on UDK (the free version of UE3) and it doesn’t support hardware besides the PC/Mac and iOS. If the developer does well with the game and Sony is interested, there is a chance that they could get a deal with Epic either to be able to port to the PS4 or to make a sequel on UE4 instead.

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