We recently spoke to Lunar Software’s Aaron Foster about his upcoming game, Routine. He revealed some new details to us in an exclusive interview talking about the atmosphere, gameplay elements and more.

Indie games have become an essential part of the gaming experience on the next-gen consoles with PS4 leading the way, allowing developers to self-publish their games on the PS4. When we spoke to Lunar Software this week, we brought up the aspect of bringing the game to the next-generation consoles.


— Aaron Foster (@LunarSoftware) December 21, 2013


Back in December, Aaron had made it known that if the team “had the energy” following the PC release of the game, a PS4 version wasn’t out of the question. In our interview, we looked to reconfirm this as well as ask about the possibility of an Xbox One version of the game. Aaron told us, “I have talked to a very nice person from Microsoft but apart from that, all choices they have made leave a bad taste in my mouth and for now I would rather develop for people I really appreciate like Sony, Steam and GOG.”

Considering Routine still doesn’t have a firm 2014 release date, don’t expect to see the game on next-gen consoles any time soon. If it were to release on the PS4 it could follow the same path that many PC indie releases are taking, releasing on the PC first and a few months later releasing on the PS4. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for all Routine related news so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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