Confirmed as a fake: “CEO” of Red Coin Games provided this as a confirmation that they are currently working on RCT4. Take it as you will.


Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. I’m honestly feeling a bit sorry for you at the moment. So gullible.

    1. Hey we all make mistakes. What’s done is done. Got the scoop from NeoGaf looked into it a bit further. I’ve asked N4G mods to remove the story, so we’re working to fix it and also notified Twitter that he’s a scam. Apologize for the mistake.

      1. I don’t always see something insignificant

        But when I do

        I get my sony fanboy panties in a knot

        1. lol

        2. I hope that knot castrates you! Pauperfanboy!

  2. Why would you guys originally post the article without the rumor tag? Now fake news has permeated the internet.

    1. Well, we’ve updated it to show the facts that it was fake. I made a mistake and I acknowledge that. The only positive side I can say to this is that we have a confirmation it’s fake now so there’s no questioning it. I had never seen the 2009 footage, and the premise seemed plausible. But it’s my fault for not looking deeper into the situation and I apologize for that.

  3. really? :(

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