Stoneshard character selection and creation announced

8-bit dungeon-crawling adventure Stoneshard has added the ability to select a character with full character creation in the works.

Stoneshard is still under development by indie studio Ink Stains Games with a free playable prologue available on Steam. During the prologue, players take control of a grizzled mercenary named Verren.

Surprisingly, Verren is only one of four characters that will be playable in the main game. Each character comes equipped with their own stats, traits, and weapons with uniquely designed portraits and models.

Ink Stains Games has stated that the initial plan was to allow players to create their own character. Unfortunately, the game currently lacks the systems in place to support a fully integrated character generator.

The developer plans on expanding the capabilities of the already existing characters while simultaneously working on the character creator.

Stoneshard has reached over US$100,000 of its intended US$30,000 Kickstarter funded and is currently available for wishlists on Steam. Stoneshard will be released for PC on February 6, 2020, with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One ports in the works.

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