Take Two made a pretty big announcement today.

Rockstar will apparently release a new game before March 2015 as noted in the Take-Two financial call today. We’d assume it’s GTA V for the next-gen consoles, considering how much money the game has brought in for Take-Two and Rockstar, and continues to do so it would make sense. But who knows? Maybe we’ll get something about Agent at E3 this year.

I mention E3 because in the call, Rockstar was pressed on whether or not they would be attending to which Take-Two simply responded, “Rockstar has not announced if it will be at E3.” First of all, that’s something to note, simply because most years Rockstar comes right out and says they will not make an E3 appearance. So, the fact that they avoided the question in the call should pique your interest.

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Source – Q4 2014 Take-Two Earnings Conference Call

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  1. RDR 2, please! :(

  2. Pulling for a new Midnight Club, with single player sentiments. To hell with DriveClub, The Crew and the NFS that Ghost Games was talking about the other week. New-gen needs a real good racer, and MC would be the one for me.

    1. It has to have cheats though! The guns cheat in MC2 was the best thing ever. “Oh my corns!”

    2. thats the first game that came to mind. Countless hours on MC LA

  3. Well I’d love another L.A Noire. GTA 5 can take a hike, one of the worst games I’ve ever played. No end of experience, no end of time, 265 million dollars, still can’t do a single thing right. Horrid physics, broken ass mutliplayer missing most of it’s content, riddled with bugs, horrid controls, bad shooting, horrid music selection, empty map, annoying AI, shit all for content. One story, annoying to play through, funny to listen to, nothing once you’d done. One of the worst games ever made, it had no reason to be bad in any area and it failed in all of them with the exception of the American satire.

    Bring on L.A, bring on Red Dead, just try to get the game working properly before you decide to burn an insane amount of money for no reason.

    1. Unsure if trolling…??

      1. It’s called having standards, clearly you have none.

    2. Go play COD. You are obvidouly a troll

      1. Why would I play Call of Duty? I just snagged Dues Ex on the 360 for $5, I’ll be playing that. Had a blast on PC, now I’m doing it over again. Call of Duty is bad too, tough guy guest.

        1. Can admin bam this guy, all he does is hate onevery conole game,hes not promoting discussion, hes just being an obvious troll

          1. He’s on his last legs N737. But, in this case he can have his own opinion on the subject.

          2. I’m sorry what? You aren’t getting banned for me not liking you, it certainly doesn’t work the other way around. That’s called power abuse. But if it does happen, the domain owner will be contacted, I find these things fun.

            I see you aren’t banning the dudes throwing the word troll around (as an insult, and flat out wrong), so I’d love to hear what I’m on the shit list for.

          3. You’re not on a shit list. I would like to see your comments a little less, aggressive, in the way they are written so a discussion can be had. I’m not going to ban you for having an opinion. A ban will be put in place if direct personal attacks are made, or comments continue are just made to cause a flame discussion. It goes the same for everyone, not just you.

          4. All I hear is a little kid crying because he doesn’t have a single point in the games defense. It’s bad game, sorry little man. If you can prove other wise I’d love to hear it, but crying to ban people who post facts isn’t exactly going to help you in your journey to look objective.

  4. GTA 5 in all its 900p/30fps or 792p/30fps glory! Next Gen has definitely been a bust this time around. Gonna save up for gaming rig.

  5. Rockstar being Rockstar with all the delays and all, I’m guessing it’ll come out around a year later. They want us to get into a hype because GTA V was only available on last gen and now loads of people want us to get hyped on this gen of gaming consoles

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