Manhunt. A game series known for pushing the boundaries of decency, for being heavily implicated in a particularly brutal murder perpetrated by a teenager and for being the most controversial of all the offerings of Rockstar Games to date. The negative reputation of Manhunt has created a horrifying kind of mystique about the series that saw it achieve mild success with both of its previous incarnations, and now it seems almost destined to happen all over again.

Rockstar has today announced a third entry titled, creatively enough, Manhunt 3. At this point, details are pretty scarce, but it’s safe to assume that it’ll follow in the footsteps of its predecessors, being in a genre completely of its own as a stealth-based murder simulator in which you are rewarded for particularly brutal and grotesque kills. However, the company promises that it won’t be mindless violence for the sake of garnering controversy as the previous offerings. Arnold Sodeman, the game’s Creative Director had the following to say in the official press release:

“Manhunt 3 isn’t going to be like the earlier games. We’re going to be shedding a spotlight on the character and really exploring the mindset of a person thrown into extraordinary, frightening circumstances where the only rule is to kill or be killed. It isn’t just a struggle against those who would see him dead, but against himself and how he can live with himself if he manages to survive the most harrowing week imaginable. This is an entirely different kind of character study.”

John George Haigh, Producer on the game reinforced this message:

“We understand that people are going to opposed to the creation of Manhunt 3, but we see it as an opportunity to evolve the series and move it into a new direction, moving the highlight away from the extreme violence. To remove it completely would be a betrayal of the IP, but we’re evolving it and giving it greater context and impact, aided by our use, once again, of NaturalMotion’s Euphoria animation system. This time, it’s going to be justified.”

Announcing the game now, only weeks away from the release of the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V, is a peculiar move, designed to either attract or deflect attention from it. In either case, we can’t help but feel apprehensive about it. The previous games were an abortion of common decency and the thought of that being replicated with the visual prowess available today makes us believe that it will be more than harrowing. Manhunt 3 will be the first solo game from Rockstar New England since its acquisition and rebranding from Mad Doc Software.

While we normally feel as though there should be no caveats to creative expression, we make an exception for this kind of production. Let us know if you share our feelings, or think that Rockstar truly are capable of making Manhunt acceptable, below.

Happy April Fools Single Players :P

Damien Lawardorn
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  1. I will reserve judgement until I see the game. I never played the other two, but I heard the stories.

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I think it might be an April Fools joke. XD

      1. Oh…I feel stupid now. I totally read everything but that last sentence…I hate this holiday sometimes…

  2. Manhunt 3 needs to be made. It’s long overdue and the game has a big following. It would be a day one purchase for me.

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