Rockfish Games has officially confirmed the studio is working on a new space game with open-world RPG features.

The announcement comes via a teaser site hosted by the Everspace developer, which also reveals that a further announcement is due on August 19.

Rockfish first developed a firm reputation among indie fans with its innovative, fast-paced space combat game Everspace in 2017. Whether this new project is an Everspace sequel remains unconfirmed for the present, though that title is included in the teaser site’s URL. In any case, the game promises to be different from its precursor in several key ways, such as an open world and persistent progression mechanics.

On the official website, Rockfish has given a brief summary of what players can expect in the upcoming game:

“There will be lots of exciting things to discover; from wacky aliens over mysterious space anomalies to a wide variety of enemies who will stand in your way in the everlasting quest for better loot; our new game will get down to business right away, and space will look even prettier than ever.”

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  1. Nice, I just hope it’s not a damn rogue game like Everspace. I hate that style/concept.
    I also hope you will be able to fully customized the control unlike Everspace or at least have a lot of options

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