Mike Bithell, developer behind the much loved Thomas Was Alone, has revealed the name of his main character, previously known only as [redacted], in his new game Volume. Bithell, at an event at Nottingham Castle, appropriately revealed that Volume would be a modern-day adaptation of the Robin Hood story.

“[Volume] tells the story of Robert Locksley, a petty thief who stumbles upon a volume, a training simulator used to train the forces of an ongoing military coup. With a matter of hours until he is found, and an excellent internet connection, he hatches a plan to broadcast simulations of robbery against England’s wealthiest, to demonstrate to the nation’s poorest. With the assistance of the volume’s tutorial AI he sets out to become the world’s first crime let’s player. Along the way, he’ll draw the attention of Gisborne, architect of the revolution, and many potential allies.”

In a near future adaptation of the classic tale, Bithell’s take on the traditional character will be morphed into “a charming show off who plans to turn a lucky accident into a chance to save his country and become a hero.”

Two of the voice actors were named, with Danny Wallace returning to work with Bithell after his BAFTA award winning performance in Thomas. Wallace plays the tutorial AI, tasked with aiding Robert through the Volume’s corridors. YouTube personality and first time video game voice actor Charlie McDonnell will take the role of the protagonist Robert Locksley.

The stealth-em-up, similar in style to Metal Gear Solid‘s VR missions, looks to be an interesting take on the classic story, with award winning writing and voice over talent bringing it to life. We’ll keep you in the loop with all the updates on Volume. You can watch the new trailer below.

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