Green Hell, the realism-infused rainforest survival game from Creepy Jar Studios, is set to receive near-monthly Early Access updates until its full release early next year.

The development team revealed the full roadmap for the title today, indicating two major updates still to come in autumn, and three during the northern hemisphere winter, including the full release. While the releases are undated, the number suggests they will arrive in approximately monthly intervals.

The first update introduces new plants, building types and a hunter challenge, with the headline feature being new animals. The feature image suggests that tapirs, armadillos, and tortoises will soon be making an appearance in Green Hell. Water will be the theme of the second content drop. Swimming and diving mechanics will be added, as well as fishing, new plants and aquatic animals, and a new map area.

Winter begins with a combat update. A new human enemy type is a key inclusion, alongside an armour system and significant AI behaviour and damage overhauls. A “Mud Building Update” follows, introducing forging, new items, and, as the title suggests, mud construction. The final release will follow both of these updates, likely launching in February 2019 unless development takes longer than the roadmap currently allows for. At that time, Creepy Jar will implement the full story mode, new map areas, a new human enemy type, and a new challenge scenario.

The current roadmap concludes with a free co-op mode scheduled to arrive sometime in spring 2019, though more detail is promised to follow.

Green Hell is currently available in Early Access. The game tasks players with surviving in a recreation of the Amazon rainforest that is imbued with dangerous animals and plants, while also challenging the user to survive infections, injuries, parasites, and other threats.

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Damien Lawardorn
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