River City Girls

Although River City Girls looks to bring back much of the action that River City fans know and love, its director has revealed some very fresh and exciting mechanics.

In a recent interview with OnlySP, WayForward’s Adam Tierney talked about how River City Girls‘ recruiting system will venture far outside of what fans have seen in previous Kunio-kun games.

“What’s special about the recruit system in this game, though, is that it’s also got a Pokémon-like character-collection aspect to it. Including color variations, there are over 50 enemies in the game, and each of them gets their own profile unlocked when recruited by the player. So, that adds incentive for the player to find and recruit every individual enemy in the game,” Tierney shared.

Tierney likened recruiting in River City Girls to the strikers system from the Marvel vs. Capcom series, stating, after recruiting an enemy, “A recruited enemy will then be featured in the player’s HUD and can be called on to do a quick jump-in attack, before leaping away again.”

The River City series is no stranger to collectibles. River City Ransom allows players an assortment of items and moves to collect through the many malls of the game, but collecting characters is not something it has explored. The way River City Girls handles recruiting almost sounds like a bestiary system for a beat ’em up.

River City Girls will arrive digitally on PC through GOG, Humble Bundle, and Steam for USD$29.99 on September 5. The Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions will also release on this date. Physical releases, from Limited Run Games, will come later.

OnlySP recently had the opportunity to speak with Tierney about River City Girls. Stay tuned for the full interview later today.

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