The third entry in the Risen series of fantasy role-playing games has been announced.

Titled Risen 3: Titan Lords, the game will once again be developed by Piranha Bytes and will serve as a direct continuation of the already established plotline. Unlike predecessor Risen 2: Dark Waters, which had a strong pirate theme, Risen 3 will return to a more traditional fantasy setting like the one found in the first Risen or that of Piranha Bytes’ Gothic series.

The reveal was made by German magazine PC Games, who also unveiled screenshots of the game. Leaked screenshots from the issue can be found below, courtesy of Dark Side of Gaming. From them, you can glimpse some of the new enemy and environment designs, as well as what looks to be the game’s hero.

A PC version is now confirmed, although there was no mention of any console ports yet. Stay tuned for more info, and if you’re a Risen or Piranha Bytes fan, let us know what you think of the new setting.




Michael Urban
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  1. According to Shacknews, (, it’s due out in August for PS3 & 360 in addition to PC.

    I hope they’re right. I enjoy the series. It may not be the world’s greatest, but I have a lot of fun with it.

    1. I agree not the greatest but fun 2 play, I like rolling and dodge the stuff kind of games, the hardest of course dark souls series, but updated risen would be nice, not the biggest fan of deepsilver, but I will overlook!!!

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