Sonic Mania

Sega has confirmed that Sonic Mania, the throwback effort drawing inspiration from the Sega Master System outings of the Blue Blur, will release on August 15.

To coincide with the announcement, the publisher has released a new trailer, blending hand-drawn animation with cuts of gameplay, showing off the project’s colourful 16-bit visuals and old-school gameplay. Also on display are brief looks at each of the three playable characters (Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles), as well as the unique talents that each will bring to the table:

While most other 2D outings for the character have been handled by the internal Sonic Team at Sega, development on Sonic Mania is led by PagodaWest Games and Headcannon, which have previously ported the older games to various platforms. Sonic Mania will incorporate both classic levels, lifted directly from earlier games, and new levels designed specifically for this new adventure.

Although the game was originally scheduled to release in March, Sega opted to delay the project to give the developers more time for polish. Last month, the publisher also released live-streamed gameplay of the title, showing off two players making their way through the game’s second level.

In addition to this retro-inspired title, Sega is also working on Sonic Forces, a sequel to Sonic Generations that will allow fans to play as both the classic and modern versions of the character, as well as a fully customisable hero. That game has no release date as yet, but is targeting a holiday launch.

Sonic Mania, meanwhile, will be out in August for PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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