In a recent interview with Games Radar Insominiac CEO Ted Price revealed that the team behind the upcoming shooter title, FUSE, “seriously considered” making Resistance 4 however he said that Resistance 3 “capped off, or at least closed a major chapter in that franchise.” Price also cited franchise fatigue as another reason that a fourth game in the series never saw the light of day.

“We wanted to do something new. One of the aspects of building franchises, and sticking with them for a long time is that even the team can get franchise fatigue.” – Ted Price, Insomniac CEO

Resistance 3 released in 2011 and was well received by critics, receiving an 83 critic score on Metacritc, even managing one perfect 100 review. FUSE is set to release in the UK and Europe on May 31st whereas North America will get it three days earlier on May 28th. OnlySP site owner recently asked whether FUSE could be the sleeper hit of the year.

Would you be interested in Insomniac or another Sony developer continuing the Resistance franchise? Let us know in the comments!


Ryan Archer
Ryan is the UK Editor at OnlySP and is one of the PC gaming master race. Unable to resist a good JRPG he enjoys such series as Persona, Disgaea and Valkyria Chronicles although you can also find him sinking time into League of Legends and Football Manager. Ryan has been writing about games for nearly 2 years and has ambitions of becoming a developer. You can catch him on Twitter @Ryanarcher_95 to talk all things gaming!

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  1. I never played resistance, but Fuse looks like a bargain bin game to me.

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